The three series of my fine arts creations under the title

TRILOGY ABOUT SOUL - Chaos & Psyche, Games of the Soul, Dreams 

is a Fine Arts Life Project that focuses on the self-trust and transformation over a woman’s life, the empowerment of her soul through life’s trials, the joy to live life as a child again, and the value of dreaming.

It started with my thesis in 1992 and it continues until today.


It consists of the parts: 



1. CHAOS & PSYCHE - my MFA thesis Abstract Video Art piece, exhibited in the  AIDEKMAN ARTS CENTER at TUFTS University, Medford - Boston in 1992. 

It is based on the 4 trials that Goddess Venus asked from Princess Psyche according to the Greek myth EROS & PSYCHE, in order to follow her dream and win back her husband Eros - her main source of love, inspiration, and creativity. Eros had lost trust in her and had left their relationship. Psyche had to find a way to rebuild it, and she finally did through the amazing trials she overcame.


The story "proves" that the love and passion you set to reach your dreams, create the energy and power to transform your life.


CHAOS & PSYCHE was dedicated to my parents, and to the hope for a new world without violence, drugs, fear, and crime.


2. GAMES OF THE SOUL - 17 paintings and poems exhibited in Athens - GR, in 2000.

The series represents the first awakenings of Psyche's soul and its journeys through the winding, endless rivers of human emotions after she overcame Venus trials.


It focuses not only on the new perspective of self-esteem, and self-worth that a woman could have after a strong crisis in her life but also, at the internal balance and harmony she gains after she finally finds the insight to build self-trust and see life like a child again.


My series GAMES OF THE SOUL is dedicated to all women of the world who fight for their self-acceptance, self-love, self-trust, and self-identity. 


3. DREAMS - a series of acrylic paintings exhibited in GR, and worldwide through online art galleries and social media from 2002 to the present time.

In my series DREAMS, the Princess Psyche and her flourishing through the sleep fantasy, acquires every stimulus that becomes a revealing answer for her and formulates it artistically by abstract and contemplative forms, believing deeply that dreams can be: a new beginning, a fresh adventure, a secret and mysterious laboratory, a message from our subconscious – our wise self – that may give solutions, may warn and/or may predict a future event.


In this part, Psyche understands her dreams’ messages by her intuition and meditates on them. Through her personal symbolism and interpretations, she finds out that her dreams, like vivid pictures, like guardian angels, help her to decide, to hope, to see the invisible and make known the unknown, in her attempt to exorcise fear and meet the catharsis, simultaneously welcoming all new life challenges. 


My series DREAMS is dedicated to


- all those who believe and are inspired by dreams in their "sleeping" and their "real life"
- all those who believe that dreams can become reality when you put your heart and soul into them, and,
- all those who respect not only their own dreams but also the dreams of others, helping both themselves and others to make them 
reality, adding enormously to the creation of a new, flourishing world that gives real value to our human existence.