“A very stirring and beautiful homage, a powerful and marvelously realized work between mythology and technology, personal struggle and transcendence. I wish you all the best!”

- Judith Wechsler, Professor Emerita
TUFTS National 
Endowment for the Humanities, Boston, MA-USA.




“My deepest gratitude for creating and awakening in many levels through your art. The many visual dimensions evoke many intellectual and emotional dimensions…”

- Professor Lucy Der Manuelian
Dept. of Arts and Arts History, TUFTS UNIVERSITY, Boston, MA-USA.

“A beautiful piece of visual poetry by a lovely, poetic soul.”


- Deborah Dluhy, Dean Emerita

"Lila Koufopoulou's paintings are creative landscapes of the soul, with a delicate intertwining between the poems of the soul and the colors of the environment in "GAMES OF THE SOUL."

Her paintings illustrate in their essential composition what she has experienced, a personal adventure that each one of us will feel as we absorb the atmosphere that she brings to us. The room feels larger with the expansiveness and the generosity of the paintings.

We see in Koufopoulou's painting visions into the depth of the soul, motions of the dynamic atmosphere superimposed upon reflection, and the universal truth of life's unseen emotions.

They are beacons of light that shine brightly through the darkness that exists in the many parts of the world, allowing us to rejoice in the creative, original artist who continues to delight our soul: Lila Koufopoulou."


- Dr. Dora Iliopoulou - Rogan, Art Historian, Art Critic

“Dear Ms. Koufopoulou, thank you for one of your lovely prints on behalf of the Athens Chapter of the American Hellenic Institute. Bonnie and I will be very pleased to hang it in our VIP Suite, where many of our dear friends will enjoy it when they visit us. (…)

Bonnie and I send you our best wishes and warm regards to you.”

- Thomas Miller, Former Ambassador
Embassy of the United States of America, Athens-GR.



“Dear Ms. Koufopoulou, warmest thanks for the print of your series DREAMS that you kindly offered me. Indeed, it will decorate my new office.”

- Spyros Kapralos Ministry of Culture, Olympics 2004, Athens-GR.



“Wonderful thought-provoking, feeling-provoking work. Congratulations!”

- Priscilla Claman, President CAREER STRATEGIES
Client, Boston, MA-USA.

“Our Lila, you made it one more time… filling me with optimism… encouraging me to move on… Thanks for everything!”

- John Stathis, Former Account Director
Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Athens-GR.

“What a gorgeous, beautifully mounted exhibition! Your work is very moving. It is such a rare thing to be in a room so full of beauty and power. THANK YOU!”

- Vic Claman, Client, Boston, MA-USA.


“The most beautiful gathering of the esoteric inside I have had the pleasure of experiencing since my daughter was born… Thank you, Lila!
This continues to give me hope in this dreary world I live in… the goddess has blessed you!”

- Kimberly Due, California, USA.




“Lots of interesting discussions are recently have been made for the new star that can make a difference in the contemporary scene of Art due to the uniqueness of her artworks.
We refer to the artist Lila Koufopoulou who was recently approached by an International Auction House Art Dealer. (…)
The collectors of Lila’s DREAMS feel a psychological connection with her paintings, which are able to soothe and heal the soul. (…)

- Lieto Missiakouli, Journalist  
Former Head of the Art department of the Financial Newspaper AXIA, Athens-GR.



“Dear Lila, of the behalf of the patients and staff at the Franciscan Children Hospital, I would like to thank you for your kind donation of five limited edition prints along with published books of your art to the Franciscan Hospital for Children. In total, we raised over 120.000 dollars at this Friends event. Our hospital is so fortunate to count you among our most dedicated supporters. (…)”

- Paul Della Rocco, President & CEO
Franciscan Children Hospital, Boston, MA-USA.    




“If life was a dream, it would be like the delightful, wonderful paintings of the distinguished artist Lila Koufopoulou.

(…) I wish the lives of all of us to have the ability to swing like the colored, optimistic and dreamy creations of Lila.

Thank you very much for the invitation. My warmest congratulations!”

- Iakovos. G. Spetsios, Former Ambassador

Athens, GR.