The 1st part of my TRILOGY ABOUT SOUL has the title CHAOS & PSYCHE and is an abstract video inspired by the ancient Greek myth of EROS & PSYCHE, created in 1991-1992


It focuses on the difficult trials that Venus asked from Princess Psyche in order for her to win back her husband Eros - her main source of love, inspiration, and creativity. Eros had lost trust in her according to the myth, and had left their relationship. Psyche had to find a way to rebuild it, and she finally did through the amazing trials she overcame.


As the video unfolds, these four tasks are visually represented:


  • Sorting out seeds from mixture of poppy, wheat, and millet from morning to nightfall

  • Bringing back some of the shining wool from the Golden Fleeces

  • Filling a flask with water from the river Styx, and

  • Fetching some of Prosperine's beauty in a box from the Underworld.


CHAOS & PSYCHE is a metaphor for the contemporary woman who tries to reach her personal goals in life, no matter how challenging they might be.

Through the flowing, chaotic forms and the unpredictable shapes in this video piece, the viewer experiences a new aesthetic in the field of video art.


CHAOS & PSYCHE is my Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition in abstract video and computer-generated painting images at Tufts University - MA, USA.


It is dedicated to my parents and to the hope for a new world without violence, drugs, fear, and crime.




Images of the video

3rd Trial - Water from Styx

2nd Trial - The Golden Fleece

1st Trial - The Seeds

4th Trial - In the Underworld

CHAOS & PSYCHE abstract video

is about 12' long.


Many thanks to my friend and composer

Jamie Edwards for his amazing computer music